Family Force 4 split


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A four-way split between american scene stalwarts Davega Bike (TN), Rad Rad Riot (AR), Shahman (Canada), and Nouveau (IL).
Six songs to send off the cold and grey. Six songs to give you the strength to sink your feet back into the lake. Anthems for Revolution Spring. Sounds to sooth the wounds earned from protest. Sounds to cool the burnt patches of skin by occupying to closely, the steps of your state capital buildings that you set aflame. Tread with ease into these new beginnings with Family Force 4.


released April 23, 2016

Shahman tracks recorded on a tascam 4 track in March 2016 in Pete's basement



all rights reserved
Track Name: Davega Bike- Creature
I thought I might get tired of change.. to only realize change stays the same, and never was it hard to blame myself for anything. I wished it well. Well, I wished it'd fall upon its back, and I cannot tell where the rope ends. Please pull my slack. 'Cause tentacles are grabbing me. Extremities are limiting, and the only thing that I see.. great creature in tact. Creature grabs and pulls me tight and I feel it's warmth between my thighs, and it pressed its thorn into my side, but it's too deep, and i'm too dry to even bleed, or even wonder where I am.. Creature exits right. Your life was never your own, so now it's all mine. The creature retracts. He is now inside. I close his eyes. He opens mine. Great creature, relax. You're now full of sight. He takes a peak, then we shut our eyes.
Track Name: Davega Bike- Interlude
Clear blue fades into dusk. Another year worn as rust. "Ad hoc, anno-domini", all my friends went astray. You wonder if you'll always be this way.
Track Name: Davega Bike- Number and Number
Break the mirror. See yourself for the first time. Draw the curtains. Build a fort from the inside. We're caving in to find a way out. Brick by brick, stitch by stitch, we build these walls. Inch by inch, sip by sip, we built these walls. We can tear them down. I'm just passing by to bring the lamb to the slaughter, so don't you mind me as I try to keep my head underwater; just let me drown. Process. It's all in the process of being this evil thing that you've made me. Oh, isn't it wonderful? Oh, do you feel better yet? I'll be the lamb. You can lead me to the slaughter if it gets me away from here. I'll be the lamb.. or I could be the slaughter.